Android Wear at I/O 2018


Come to this session to learn about the latest developments for Android Wear, hear about new product features, and learn best practices to create Android Wear apps.

I'm really excited to see what Google has in store for Android Wear this year. Wear 2.0, even with a handful of updates, is a huge disappointment and a big step backwards from the original vision of what Android Wear could be. I'd love to see them bounce back with a strong 3.0.

Nick Spencer's merits shouldn't disappear in the wake of Secret Empire

Joshua Yehl, writing for IGN:

Spencer was the source of much controversy over the past two years as he unfolded a story where Captain America was revealed to be a secret Hydra agent. Ottley is best known for drawing Invincible with writer Robert Kirkman.

How long are we going to hang this over his head?

Spencer is also the writer of a rather excellent run of Secret Avengers, and Morning Glories, and Ant-Man, and Infinite Vacation... but, okay, let's focus the headline (and make it much more clickable by readers) on the controversial Secret Empire series he recently wrote. For clarification, the title of the article linked above is "Hydra Cap Writer Takes Over Marvel’s Spider-Man Comic".

It's worth noting that Nick Spencer isn't the only person to "blame" for Secret Empire, not that I feel like there's anything to blame anyone for anyway. As Spencer has said in the past, the concept for the story was created by Rick Remender and adapted by Spencer.

He's a capable, entertaining, celebrated writer. I'm excited to see what his grounded approach to the character will be as it's been sorely lacking lately.

Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley confirmed for Amazing Spider-Man

Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool:

And today, Comic Book has what they call the exclusive news that Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley are the new creative team on Amazing Spider-Man #1 from June, taking over from Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen.

Amazing news indeed. I can't wait for this.

I'm currently playing around with a new build of Dialog and things are coming along great. I can't wait to show off the work that's been done.

After some thought, I opted for the substantially less expensive ASUS Chromebook Flip which will be nice for writing, coding, and catching up on my comics. Also, having Android app capability will help as we get further along with Dialog. 💻

I understand the app is in beta but Vero is a disaster. Having to post things two or three times before they actually hit the feed, assuming you can even get the app to open, is brutal. It's another silo for content and leaves a bad first impression to say the least.

Kirkman and Martinbrough's Thief of Thieves returns in 2018

Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool:

In a private press conference, Robert Kirkman launched and promoted his new comic book Oblivion Song. And afterwards, running through his projects and those of his Skybound company. Including that Extremity‘s Daniel Warren Johnson has a new project for Skybound. And he ended with one previously unheard revelation that yes, Thief of Thieves would be coming back soon — “that’s probably something I’m not supposed to say.” But thankfully he did.

This is great news. I've really enjoyed Thief of Thieves but, for whatever reason, it hasn't received anywhere near the attention his other titles despite the top-tier talent that's been behind it over the years.

It'll be interesting to see if Andy Diggle returns to write or if someone else picks up where he left off. I'd have to assume (and hope) that artist Shawn Martinbrough, who launched the book with Kirkman in 2012 and has been on it since then, will be returning. It certainly won't be the same if he isn't.

As I find myself using Adobe CC less and less, and based on my experience with the Pixel 2, I'm giving serious thought to making a switch to the Pixelbook when my current laptop, a 2014 MacBook Pro, bites the dust. It would be an expensive experiment to say the least.