Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung, and Jorge Jimenez on Justice League is a dream come true. That new series is going to blow people away. 📚

Google app reveals improved controls for Pixel Buds

Thuy Ong, writing for The Verge:

Triple tapping would allow users to manually turn the earbuds on and off, which would be useful, given that there is no way to turn the earbuds off until they’re placed back in the case. According to the code, the in-ear detection mode places the earbuds into sleep mode when the right earbud is removed and wakes them again when you place it back. The code mimics Apple’s AirPods which already have customizable taps and automatic ear detection.

While this addresses some of the early complaints with the Pixel Buds, particularly the ability to auto-sleep when the right Bud has been removed, one issue I have with them that hasn't even been mentioned, best I can tell, is how hard it is to change the settings or see the status of them.

Currently, the settings for them are buried within the menu for the Google Assistant, which is hidden away in the Google app, unless I've missed it elsewhere. So something as simple as checking the current battery level is much more difficult than it should be. Any updates to this menu structure would be a huge help.

📱 Home sweet home (screen) ...again

I've seen a ton of iOS home screens floating around lately and it's been a few months (and one new phone) since I last shared mine, so I figured it was time to show how much things have changed.

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Jim Cheung joins Scott Snyder for Justice League relaunch

Rich Johnston, writing for Bleeding Cool:

Jim Cheung is the man to go to when revealing new line-ups of comics, it seems. Whether Marvel’s Fresh Starts or Nows – or in this case his new run with Scott Snyder on Justice League, to be relaunched with a new issue 1 to follow Snyder’s Metal and No Justice mini-series. Which is another impressive land grab for DC, pulling Cheung from Marvel’s contracts.

It's a weird feeling, as a longtime Marvel fan, to see all the artists and writers that I've grown to love over their time with the Avengers, Spider-Man, and more suddenly start doing work for DC.

I've always followed the rule that you should follow the creators whose work you enjoy rather than the characters themselves and Jim Cheung has been one of my favorite artists for the last ten or so years with his work on Young Avengers and more.

A Justice League book by Snyder and Cheung sounds like a dream, so... I guess I'm a DC fan now?

Because I couldn’t simply set up my blog on WordPress and leave it alone, I’m playing around with (and considering a move to) Blot.

This is not a drill. ComiXology is running an Ed Brubaker sale. Crime noir fans, drop what you’re doing and check it out. 📚

Excited to see the team launching the @monday podcast. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet but can’t wait to check it out.

If you’re in the market to save some serious dough on comics, ComiXology is running a huge sale on some recent Marvel trades including the entire runs of Generations, Secret Empire, and Vision, plus volumes of Defenders, Moon Knight and more for one dollar each. 📚

Android Wear rebranded as Wear OS?

Taylor Kerns, writing for Android Police:

Android Wear may be changing its image, according to a Reddit post by user H3x0n. Per the post, during the setup of an Android Wear watch (the post didn't specify which), H3x0n was greeted with both a new icon and an unfamiliar name for the operating system.

This makes complete sense, especially with the recent conversion from Android Pay to Google Pay. With less and less of a reliance on Android itself and more on the actual Wear app, available on both iOS and Android, the original name just doesn't hold up anymore.

My hope, as I've already mentioned, is that this isn't just a change in name but also a big change in update frequency for the platform, including a nice juicy update at I/O this year. Maybe even a Pixel watch?

We can dream.